Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Santa came to our house and left great things for Annika and Asher.  Annika got a great easel that turns into a desk.  She loves to draw and color so this is perfect!  She also got a Barbie house!  Lucky girl!  There were lots of items in her stocking but her favorite were the Band-Aids.   She was so excited!  Asher got a great kick mat that he loves to lay on.  He also got a super cute Thor doll in his stocking.  We had some time before Derek's family got there so they kids played a little before diving into the wrapped presents.  Annika decided her elf, Curtis, needed to lay in the Barbie bed.  She isn't supposed to touch the elf, but over the last week, they have become fast friends.  Maybe next year she will understand the whole Elf on a Shelf thing!

Helping Asher open his stocking.
Santa left her a note!

Drawing a picture on her new easel.
Curtis needs a place to sleep!
Loving her new house!

Loving all of his new toys!

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