Monday, December 31, 2012

Sick Girl

The Saturday before Christmas Annika came down with a fever and it never went away.  When the medicine would kick in she would be fine, but once it wore off, her temp would go back up and she would feel pretty miserable.  So Wednesday we took her to the doctor and she had the flu!  Good news she could take medicine to help it go away more quickly.  Bad news, Asher could not take any medicine and if he got sick he would probably end up in the hospital.  Doctors orders:  keep the kids away from each other for 4-6 days.  So, off Annika went to Jan & Greg's.  We are very lucky and grateful that they live close and were willing to keep Annika so no one else would get sick.  She is finally feeling better and getting back to normal.  Thanks goodness!

Listening to the doctor.
All packed up to go to Grandmas.

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